Caroline Haas


This seminar is part of the Friday Biology seminars and is open to all!

Caroline Haas, PhD student at the University of Iceland and the University of St. Andrews, will present:

Northern bottlenose whales in the eastern North Atlantic: acoustic behaviour and occurrence patterns.

Northern bottlenose whales (Hyperoodon ampullatus) are a beaked whale species occurring primarily in arctic and sub-arctic offshore waters. In Iceland, they are better known as Andarnefja and frequently sighted not only offshore, but also in coastal waters and inside fjords. Andarnefja are deep-divers spending the majority of their time at depth where light is sparse, and therefore use acoustics for orientation, communication and foraging. In this talk, I will provide an overview of the species acoustic behaviour and the functional use of the different sound types that they produce. We will then explore how this detailed information on acoustic behaviour can provide insight on habitat use and movement drivers, and the use of passive acoustic monitoring to study the species occurrence over a large spatiotemporal scale.

Join the seminar in room N-132 or on Zoom:

Meeting ID: 672 9610 4674

Bottlenose whale breaching the water surface