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United Nations University Land Restoration Training Programme (UNU-LRT)

Föstudagur, February 8, 2013 -
12:30 to 13:20
Nánari staðsetning: 
Stofa 131

The United Nations University  Land Restoration Training Programme (UNU-LRT) started as a pilot project in 2007 and became a UNU training programme in 2010.

Hafdis Hanna Aegisdottir, director of the UNU-LRT will present the work and aim of the program in a seminar on February 8th 2013.

  • UNU-LRT is an international postgraduate training programme on ecological restoration and sustainable management of ecosystems.
  • The core activity of UNU-LRT is an annual six-month training programme held in Iceland. The training programme is custom-built for professional from developing countries, which are faced with severe land degradation.
  • The programme aims to strengthen institutional capacity and to empower women working in the field of restoration and sustainable land management
  • UNU-LRT is implemented jointly by the Agricultural University of Iceland and the Soil Conservation Service of Iceland.
  • The programme builts on the knowledge and expertise within Iceland by liaising with a wide range of Icelandic institutions, other UNU programmes, and international institutins and organizations.
  • UNU-LRT is funded by the Icelandic government as a part of its development cooperation effort

Webpage: www.unulrt.is; Facebook page: www.facebook.com/unulrt

Picture of students and instructors in the field (United Nations University  Land Restoration Training Programme (UNU-LRT) - Picture copyright).

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