Líf- og umhverfisvísindastofnun

Stream-dwelling salmonids: Behaviour in time and space

Föstudagur, November 10, 2017 -
12:30 to 13:10
Nánari staðsetning: 
N - 131

Stefán Óli Steingrímsson, professor at Department of Aquaculture and Fish Biology, Hólar University College, will present his research:

Behaviour plays a major role in shaping how animals use, share and compete for habitats
and resources in time and space, and thus has consequences for individual fitness and
population ecology. In this presentation, I review recent findings on both the spatial and
temporal behaviour of juvenile salmonids (Arctic charr, brown trout, and Atlantic
salmon) in Icelandic streams. In terms of spatial behaviour, I will highlight the findings
of two field studies dealing with the foraging mode (153 fish, 3 species) and territoriality
(61 fish, 2 species) of young-of- the-year fish, and a literature review on the effect of food
availability on territory size. In terms of temporal behaviour, I will highlight the findings
of several field experiments on diel activity patterns of Arctic charr, and how these are
shaped by different ecological variables, such as water temperature, shelter availability,
population density and water level fluctuations. Overall, these studies demonstrate the
diverse behaviour of salmonids and offer a promising behavioural basis for future work
to further identify the mechanisms that influence distribution and diversity of wild
salmonids in rivers in Iceland and elsewhere.

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