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The northern bottlenose whales of Jan Mayen

Föstudagur, February 1, 2019 - 12:30
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Stofa 131

Prof Patrick Miller from the University of St Andrews, Scotland, will give a very interesting overview talk about the work that he and his lab have conducted on northern bottlenose whales:

The nortern bottlenose whales of Jan Mayen

Abstract: The northern bottlenose whale is a deep-diving north Atlantic beaked whale with an uncertain conservation status following extensive whaling.  Studies in the western Atlantic indicate year-round populations, but little systematic research has been conducted to date in the eastern Atlantic.  Our project made a suite of observations during research trials conducted 2013-2016 on bottlenose whales off the island of Jan Mayen.   Hundreds of sightings of groups typically with 2-5 individuals were recorded in all four years, focused in and around deep canyons near Jan Mayen and deep-waters between Jan Mayen and Iceland.   In this talk, I will describe observations of their behaviour and movement patterns, and how they responded to simulated sonar signals experimentally transmitted to them from different distances. 

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