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Friday Seminar: Quality of science – when scientists become advocates

Föstudagur, November 15, 2019 -
12:30 to 13:20
Nánari staðsetning: 
Askja, Room 131

Bjarni K. Kristjánsson and Skúli Skúlason from Hólar University will present a concerning issue of ethics and philosophy of sciences. 

Quality of science – when scientists become advocates

Bjarni K. Kristjánsson & Skúli Skúlason


Discussion of the quality of research has been growing in recent years. At the same time, scientists are increasingly participating in important debates encompassing resource use, conservation and ecological conflicts. In this process scientists often become advocates for what they believe in. In this talk we will discuss advocacy from the perspective of scientists, and especially examine how advocacy can in some instances lead to reduced quality of science and therefore decreases the credibility of Science or scientists.

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