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Cyanobacteria in symbiosis with boreal forest feathermosses – from genome evolution and gene regulation to impact on the ecosystem

Föstudagur, February 2, 2018 -
12:30 to 13:10
Nánari staðsetning: 
N - 131

Dr. Denis Warshan, post doc at the Faculty of Life and Environmental Sciences, will give a presentation in the Biology Seminar:

Dinitrogen (N2)-fixing cyanobacteria can establish symbiosis with a broad range of host plants from all plant lineages including bryophyte, fern, gymnosperm, and angiosperms. Among them, the symbiosis between epiphytic cyanobacteria and the boreal forest feathermosses Hylocomium splendens and Pleurozium schreberi is ecologically important. The main input of biological N to the boreal forests is done by these cyanobacteria, and thus, they greatly contribute to the productivity of this ecosystem. Despite the ecological relevance of this symbiosis, our knowledge about the establishment and maintenance of cyanobacterial-plant partnerships in general is limited, and particularly our understanding of the feathermoss symbiosis is rudimentary. The following lecture details investigations on the evolution of cyanobacteria in symbiosis with plants, the cyanobacterial mechanisms involved in forming symbiosis with feathermosses, the identity and role of the different cyanobacteria within the community in symbiosis with feathermosses, and the future of this partnership under climate change. 

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