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Conspectus of the Triticeae: In memory of Áskell Löve (1916-1994)

Föstudagur, April 12, 2019 - 12:30
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Stofa 131

Professor Kesara M. Jónsson will present a talk titled Conspectus of the Triticeae: In memory of Áskell Löve (1916-1994).


Conspectus of the Triticeae (Áskell Löve, 1984, Feddes Reportorium, Band 95, Heft 7-8: 462-521) is the most comprehensive survey on taxonomy and nomenclature of the more than 500 biological taxa of the Triticeae tribe of grasses in a system of 37 genomically defined genera based on 23 single-haplome taxa. The textbook example of the genomic system of classification is that of hexaploid bread wheat Triticum aestivum (AABBDD), which is believed to have originated from natural hydridization between tetraploid pasta wheat T. turgidum (AABB) and wild diploid Asian goat grass Aigilops tauschii (DD) some 10 000 years ago. It is the D-genome that gives bread the lifting quality.

Triticeae, the wheat tribe, comprises annual crop species, such as wheat, rye and barley, and numerous perennial species growing wild throughout the northern hemisphere. In Iceland, there are three native Triticeae species: Leymus arenarius (melgresi), Elymus alopex (kjarrhveiti) and Elymus alaskanus (bláhveiti), and one weedy species Erytrigia repens (húsapuntur). In the first half of my talk I will give a summary of my work on molecular cytogenomics that reveal genomic composition of all these four Icelandic species. In the second half, I will summarize the botanical and cytogenetic work of my current PhD student from Spain, Víctor Lucía García, showing two examples: the discovery of new Peudoroegneria species from the Iberian Peninsula (Lucía et al. 2019) and our to-be-published proposal of a new Triticeae genus, Paunera V. Lucía, E. Rico, K. Anamth.-Jon. & M.M. Mart. Ort., gen. nov.

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