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Bioethics Conference: "Facing death: End of life decisions"

Föstudagur, September 15, 2017 -
09:00 to 18:00

Nordic Committee on Bioethics Conference: "Facing death: End of life decisions"

Reykjavik, Iceland, 15 September 2017

Should end of life care for incurable ill patients include the possibility of euthanasia or physician-assisted suicide?
Assisted death or euthanasia are not allowed in any of the Nordic countries, however, surveys show that an increased proportion of the public supports this.

The conference will address how the Nordic countries can learn from the experience on assisted death in Europe and North America and aims to reach medical professionals, policy makers and academics. The event will be organised in cooperation with the Centre for Ethics at the University of Iceland.

Confirmed speakers include Wayne Sumner, University of Toronto, Chris Gastmans, Catholic University of Leuven and Mette Hartlev, Copenhagen University.

Registration opens in April. More information can be found at ncbio.org

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