Institute of Life and Environmental Sciences

MS. programme in marine biology and related fields

The oceans are fundamendal ecosystems on the planet and source the most important resources for Icelands economy. The University of Iceland (UI) and the Marine and Freshwater Research Institute (MFRI) collaborate to offer a multidisciplinary two-year Master of Science (MS) program on aquatic biology and fisheries, emphasizing freshwater and marine ecology and fisheries in sub-Arctic environments. The program will be offered in 2020 as a specialisation within MS in Biology. 

Students can take projects at the Institute of Biology, the Marine and Freshwater Research Institute and also at other affiliated institutions and research centers. Students are admitted based on merit (see University of Iceland webpage)  and will find a project and supervisor in the first year of study.

Háskóli Íslands

Picture of atlantic cod (gadus morhua) from the University of Iceland collections.


The Marine and Freshwater Research Institute has many research areas, including but exclusive to Fish tagging, Lumpfish research, Oceanography, Seabed mapping,, Seal research and Whale Research.

The Institute of biology studies many aspects of marine and aquatic biology, spanning questions of ecology and evolution, to toxicology and behaviroral biology.

See for instance a list of previous MS projects in the fields of marine-,  aquatic- and fishbiology.

Some examples of the research topics and potential supervisors are listed below.

Echinoderms from Icelandic waters. Picture Arnar Pálsson.

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