Líf- og umhverfisvísindastofnun

IRSAE network for ecology and biology Phd students

Phd students in Iceland in ecology and biology can take part in the european IRSAE network.

The IRSAE summer school program!
A preliminary summer school program for 2017 <http://www.irsae.no/7th-irsae-summer-school/> 
The summer school is free for all PhD students in the IRSAE network: free accommodation and food at Campus Evenstad from 6th-11th August, and all travel costs will be refunded.

The Icelandic contact is Anna Gudrun Thorhallsdottir, Professor at the Agricultural University of Iceland. Students can enroll by sending email to Anna and Henriette Gelink (henriette.gelink@inn.no, annagudrun@lbhi.is)

Scientific Writing course
There are still some seats available for the Scientific Writing course<http://www.irsae.no/courses-conferences-and-workshops/upcoming-courses/> 13th-14th June at Campus Evenstad, Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences! The deadline for signing up is 14th May, let me know if you would like to attend.

Other upcoming courses
"Integrating 'Omics' Technologies into Aquatic Ecology" at FEM and S.Michele all'Adige, University of Trento, Italy, 26th - 30th June, 2017. More information here<http://www.irsae.no/ne-course-integrating-omics-technologies-into-aquatic-ecology/>.

"Proposal Writing" at Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences, Campus Evenstad, from 19th-20th September. More details here<http://www.science-craft.com/our-workshops/proposal-writing/>. Send me an e-mail if you would like to attend this course.

Themes in IRSAE
1. Movement Ecology
Theme leaders: Francesca Cagnacci<mailto:francesca.cagnacci@fmach.it> (FEM), Øyvind Steifetten<mailto:Oyvind.Steifetten@usn.no> (USN) and Erlend Nilsen<mailto:Erlend.Nilsen@nina.no> (NINA).

2. Future Management of Ecosystem Services
Theme leaders: Harry Andreassen<mailto:harry.andreassen@inn.no> (INN) and Anna Gudrun Thorhallsdottir<mailto:annagudrun@lbhi.is> (Iceland)

3. Freshwater Ecology
Theme leader: Jon Museth<mailto:jon.museth@nina.no> (NINA) and John Piccolo<mailto:john.piccolo@kau.se> (Karlstad)

4. Understanding and Managing Biodiversity Conflicts
Theme leaders: Steve Redpath<mailto:thekingsprofessor@gmail.com> (Aberdeen) and Henrik Andén<mailto:Henrik.Andren@slu.se> (SLU)

5. Climate Change Ecology
Theme leader: Toke Thomas Høye<mailto:tth@bios.au.dk> (Aarhus)

IRSEA on Facebook<https://www.facebook.com/IRSAEnetwork/>


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